12. Раздел "Чтение", тренировочные задания

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12. Раздел "Чтение", тренировочные задания

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Dear friends, you need to complete reading tasks. Follow the recommendations (see the link). The final deadline for this task is 13.02.2020


Раздел «Чтение»
Задание 1
Установите соответствие между текстами A–G и заголовками 1–8. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.
1.    Shoppers beware
2.    Risky exercise
3.    Healthy eating
4.    Dieting sensibly
5.    Exercise for a good cause
6.    Changing times
7.    Unnecessary item
8.    Time off
Начало формы
 If you want to lose weight, avoid eating a lot of foods that are high in calories such as sweets, chocolate, fried foods and butter. But remember – becoming the slimmer person you want to be is not about giving up everything you love. If you want a biscuit one day, have one. Also, don’t forget that exercise is just as important as the food you eat.
 A few decades ago, Britain’s high streets were full of butchers, bakers and grocers. Nowadays, there are very few left, as supermarkets took their customers a long time ago. Some people are happy about this. They say it is much more convenient for shoppers to be able to buy everything they need from one shop. But other people feel sad that supermarkets made it impossible for many small businesses to survive.
 Bank holidays are public holidays when banks, and most other businesses, are closed for the day. There are eight bank holidays a year in England, nine in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, and ten in Northern Ireland. These numbers are, however, relatively small compared to the number of bank holidays in other European countries. Some people think there should be more bank holidays in the UK.
 These days, supermarket shelves are packed with processed foods labelled ‘low fat’, ‘reduced sugar’ or ‘light’. But often these ‘health’ foods are still incredibly high in fat and calories. Food companies are always coming up with clever ways to make their foods seem healthier than they are. Before consumers buy a product, they should make sure they always read the list of ingredients carefully.
 Eating right means eating from the various food groups. According to the Food Guide Pyramid, you should eat appropriate portions of grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy products each day. A growing teenager, for example, should consume a slice of bread or one cup of cereal each day. As for vegetables, two and a half cups should be eaten each day.
 These days, it’s not unusual to see children as young as six and seven with a mobile phone. But does a child of six really need a mobile? After all, who does a six-year-old have to call … other six-year-olds? Some parents argue that young children need mobiles for safety reasons. But others argue that, at six years old, a parent always knows where their child is – they’re either at school all day or at home.
 Islington Primary School in North London is holding a running and walking event next Saturday to raise money for a new school playground. All residents of Islington are encouraged to attend. Runners can take part in a five-mile road race, which begins at 10:30am. Walkers can participate in a two mile walk. The registration fee for both events is the same, and everyone who pre-registers will receive a free T-shirt.
Задание 2
Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A–F частями предложений, обозначенными цифрами 1–7. Одна из частей в списке 1–7 лишняя.
1.    as it meant that flying embers soon set other buildings on fire 
2.    but then people began to panic as the flames continued to spread 
3.    because nobody knew exactly how the fire started
4.    which gave the flames more time to take hold 
5.    as the winds began to drop 
6.    but it seems that the officer on duty did not take the alarm seriously 
7.    when the flames destroyed the city’s waterworks 
Начало формы
One evening in early October, 1871, a small fire started in a shed behind the Chicago home of a Mr and Mrs O’Leary.
Neighbours hurried to try to protect the house from the blaze. As the fire grew, the Fire Department was called, A 
When fire fighters were finally sent, they were sent in the wrong direction, B 
. Also, there was a strong wind from the southwest that evening, which drove the blaze towards the business and commercial districts of the city.
Wood was commonly used as a building material at the time, and this made the situation worse C 
Eventually, the mayor realised that the situation was out of control and called for help from neighbouring cities. However, the fire fighters were forced to give up the fight D 
At first, most of the residents of the city were not too worried about the fire, E 
. Many people fled to the banks of Lake Michigan to escape the fire.
The fire burnt itself out more than twenty-four hours after it had started, F 
. At first, the smoking remains of the buildings were far too hot to be examined, so it was not possible to see how much damage had been caused for several days.
It eventually became clear that the fire had destroyed an area of eight square kilometres and three hundred people had lost their lives.
Задание 3
Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 12–18. В каждом задании отметьте цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа.
Whispers in bedlam
(by Irwin Shaw)
He was a typical married American boy. His father-in-law had an insurance agency and there was a place opened in it for him, the sooner, his father-in-law said, the better.
But he was a professional football player. He played middle line-backer on defence and a certain amount of injury was to be expected during the games. His name was Hugo Pleiss. He was not famous. He had played on three teams that were always around the bottom of their division. When coaches said they were going to rebuild their clubs for next year, the first thing they did was to trade Hugo or declare him free agent. But Hugo always managed to find a job when a new season started. He was large and eager to learn; he liked to play football and he had what coaches called ’desire’. He was doing well enough until the injury of his ear in a game. His bad hearing affected his results. But one season he was in a team with a man who played left comer-back with him, Johnny Smathers. He had a quick instinct for reading plays: as the offence shaped up, he shouted to Hugo and warned him where the play was going. Smathers had a strong instinct for self-preservation and more often than not was right. So Hugo had a pretty fair season until he began to go deaf in the ear on Smathers’ side.
He could no longer hear the comer-back’s instructions. After two games in which Smathers had correctly diagnosed only to see Hugo doing the wrong thing he had stopped talking to Hugo on or off the field. This hurt Hugo, he liked Smathers and was grateful for his help. He wished he could explain about his left ear but he was afraid that the coach would learn about it and he would have to leave team. He wasn’t ready to sell insurance for his father-in-law.
Off the field he could do well enough. He learned to sit on the left of the coach at all meetings and convinced his wife that he slept better on his left side.
As he was going progressively deafer he began to enquire about an ear specialist. At the end of the season he found one on the other side of the town. He made an appointment with him for the next day. Dr. Sebastian was enthusiastic about his work and the prospect of a long, complicated and possibly dangerous operation filled him with joy. He examined Hugo and said, ’We’ll operate tomorrow morning, if you don’t mind.’
When Hugo woke up after the operation Dr. Sebatian was standing next to his bed smiling merrily. He said that he was sure there would be no complications as the operation was successful. The hearing in his left ear was restored and when Hugo reported in to training camp he immediately patched up his friendship with Johnny Smathers. Johnny was a little cool at first but when Hugo told him about his trouble Johnny was understanding and forgave him.
Preseason practice was satisfactory. The exhibition games didn’t go badly. Hugo listened carefully to Johnny Smathers’ instructions. It was a more or less normal September for Hugo.
Then just a minute before the end of the first regular league game of the season something unusual happened. Hugo’s team was winning and the other team had the ball with their player Brabbledoff. The crowd was yelling so much that Hugo was afraid he would not be able to hear Smathers when the play started. Then a strange thing happened. He heard what Brabbledoff was shouting fifty yards away from Hugo: I’m going to send the ball to the weak side.’ Just then he heard Smathers shout, ’To the strong side, Hugo!’ And everybody on Hugo’s team was prepared to stop the strong-side kick. Everybody but Hugo. All alone he ran towards Brabbledoff and recovered the ball. The game was over with the score of twenty-one to eighteen. Everybody congratulated Hugo after the game was over.
Начало формы
12. His father-in-law wanted him
1) to be a professional football player.
2) to become famous.
3) to continue his business.
4) to get to the high division.
13. The main feature of Hugo’s character was
1) confidence.
2) purposefulness.
3) kindness.
4) concentration.
14. Hugo’s play partner could
1) predict the rival’s throw.
2) change him in some games.
3) catch the throw excellent.
4) cheer him up.
15. Hugo didn’t tell Johnny about his problem because
1) he couldn’t trust Johnny.
2) he was afraid of being sacked.
3) he didn’t think that it was serious.
4) he wanted to tell only the coach.
16. Hugo decided to
1) make an operation.
2) leave sport.
3) gap the next season.
4) sell insurance.
17. Preseason practice was satisfactory because
1) he could continue playing.
2) he patched up his friendship.
3) his coach praised him.
4) he recovered from deaf.
18. What unusual happened during the first game?
1) Hugo followed the Johnny’s instruction.
2) Hugo heard the words of the rival.
3) Hugo could catch the ball.
4) Hugo couldn’t hear Johnny.
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Re: 12. Раздел "Чтение", тренировочные задания

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1. A-4 B-6 C-8 D-1 E - 3 F -7 G -5
2.A-6 B - 4 C - 1 D -7 E -2 F - 5
3. 12 - 3 13 - 2 14 - 1 15- 3 16 - 1 17 - 4 18 - 2