22. Практикум по лексике и грамматике

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22. Практикум по лексике и грамматике

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Dear Friends, I welcome you again to the remote site of the center for education development! You will have to test and improve your knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar. Be careful. The deadline for the task 21.04.2020.
Практикум по лексике и грамматике

1.Fill in the missing prepositions.

1.I will meet you there …1 p.m.
2.It will be finished… 10 minutes.
3.He has been reading there … 5 p.m.
4.The swallows gather and leave our area… autumn.
5.The family are all gathering again .. Christmas holidays.
6.I can not answer you… the moment but if you wait, I will let you know… a few minutes.
7.We have had no snow now … 3 weeks.
8. It has been the same old funny story ever… she was a little girl.
9. I have an appointment… Tuesday… 12.30
10.They still come to see me … time to time.
11. I wonder if she could get it done … tomorrow.
12. I called the police immedia tely, but… the time they arrived the burglar was far away.
13.The house should be built… next month.
14.Wait a moment! The boss should be here … a few minutes.
15. I have been in bed… the last week.
16.He has been living in this apartment… last month.
17.Everybody buys a new hat …Easter.
18.The woman may arrive… any time now.
19. She goes to visit her Granny… Saturday.
20.The lunch should be over…12 o’ clock.
21.This visa expires…October 21st.
22.They’ ve been living here…1960.
23….five years’ time she’ll be 23.
24.It always gets hot here … the afternoon.
25.He has been ill… the day that he arrived.
26. I expect his call… any moment.
27.If you can wait, he should be here… short time.
28.It’s nice to walk here… a fine summer day.
29.His father was away on a business trip… the day that he was born.
30.They are going to try to leave… daybreak.

2. Ask questions.
1.The country’s climate is very hot. What kind…
2.Our neighbours bought the house last spring. Who…
3.The water in the bottle is bad. What…
4.The dog was taken to the vet yesterday. Where…
5.They got acquainted after they had met each other several times. When…
6.The competition took place in 2001. What…
7.Our house hasn’t been repaired since 1980. Since…
8.Penicillin was invented by A. Fleming. Who…
9.The first artificial sputnik was launched by Russia.
10.They are coming back home next Tuesday. Where…